По Индии


Moscow city Year 2016 (year two thousand sixteen)

By this Power of attorney the Association of manufacturers and investors for industrial cooperation development (hereinafter referred to as AMIICD) authorizes and empowers a citizen of Republic of India Mr. MOHAMMAD NAZIR, /passport number/

to represent interests of AMIICD in Republic of India.

For this purpose the Representative of AMIICD Mr. MOHAMMAD NAZIR authorizes and empowers to do following:

-​ to represent interests of AMIICD at the Public authorities, foundations and enterprises regardless of pattern of ownership, on the territory of Republic of India.

-​ to represent and protect interests of AMIICD, to establish and maintain business contacts with organizations, industrial enterprises, also perform any other acts to achieve goals and fulfill the agreements.

-​ to negotiate, to sign acts, statements, agreements, to apply and petition to organizations, legal entity and individuals, to represent AMIICD at the all types Public authorities and organizations, including notarial offices, administrative authorities, banks, notary, companies, legal entity and individuals.

This Power of Attorney shall be without the right of substitution and valid for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of its signing.

The President of AMIICD Mr.Kudzagov

Ассоциация Производителей и Инвесторов по Развитию Промышленной Кооперации. Организация сотрудничества и деловых кооперативных отношений в сфере производства.